This Child GPS Tracking Bracelet Tracks Also Your Kids Heart-rate & Temperature

Worried about your child? Then why not GPS tag them? And while you’re at it, why not track their health and fitness too to ensure they’re sticking to their strict diet and training regimes?

This is the vision of Paxie (well, it’s not their exact words) and whether it’s a frightening Orwellian prospect or helpful parenting tool is likely to depend on your views about parenting.


Paxie will provide GPS and activity tracking for your kids so you can check where they are and keep track of their temperature and heart rate. Incredible. They say they do this because it can indicate a panic or allergy attack. Sadly there is no option to deliver a remote electric shock for behavioral conditioning yet but who knows? The future is bright indeed…

At the time of this post, its on pre-order, but when they do sell, their price is $179 each plus monthly subscription for tracking because it uses cellular data to transmit the GPS coordinates.

Source – Gear Diary & OurSafeFamily


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