Chicks Hatched Without Eggshells Show How Incredible Life Is Formed

Chicken nuggets, fried chicken, chicken soup, and many other delicious chicken dishes are popular favorites, but most people don’t really consider where the chicken comes from. Well, after seeing this amazing science experiment conducted by a class of Japanese students, you wont have to guess how chickens are made anymore.

Students carefully extract the egg from the shell, by just ‘whacking’ it on the side of a cup as if they were going to fry an egg, they then pour the egg yolk into a plastic cup lined with cellophane so that it is seen clearly. Then a professor places a drop on each of the students’ egg yolks to fertilize them.

Once the egg yolks are placed in an incubator, the growth process can be observed, and it is… amazing to watch. Basically, you have to see it for yourself, but be warned, after you see the little chicks running around, you may never enjoy chicken nuggets the same again?

Source – BoingBoing via Snopes

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