Chewing Gum Sculptures Are Bound To Give You a Real Tooth Ache

You’ve probably chewed gum since you were a little kid, but did you know there are some weird ways to use it other than that? You may have thought about it, but you can use gum to get your lost items down the drain, fill up those cracks or holes, or even fix your glasses if you have to. Not good enough? All right, you asked for it.

Sculptor Maurizio Savini has discovered the very best use of the sugary staple in his collection of sculptures. First things first. No, he doesn’t chew every piece. His assistants actually unwrap the sticks of gum and melt it onto usable material. Though you probably won’t be making anything close to these masterpieces you can surely try. Savini’s got over 10 years’ experience on us.


Source – Beautiful Decay

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