Chewbacca Voice Activated Animated Figure Roars & Boasts Shiny Real Fur Coat

There are Wookies, and then there’s Chewbacca, the grand furball among furballs. Songs have been sung to honor his name, but only Thinkway Toys has given a 17″ figurine of Han Solo’s loyal buddy full animation with a lush, shiny coat of full-body fur.

Watch in wonder as Chewie not only moves his head, mouth and limbs as though inhabited by an adorable miniaturized Peter Mayhew, but unleashes genuine roaring Wookie sound effects. He’ll even pop off a shot from his signature bowcaster when his right arm lifts in “Combat Mode”. Just for a little sweet, sweet icing on the cake, this top-of-the-line collectible includes 31 points of articulation guaranteed to recreate any iconic pose from his four big-screen appearances.

Personally? We’re down for recreating the glorious carnage of the walking throw-rug yanking off Jar Jar Binks’s flailing arms – not because Jar Jar outwitted him at chess, either. That isn’t a good dead that requires a reason.

Chewbacca-Thinkway-Toys-Star-Wars-The-Force-Awakens (2)Chewbacca-Thinkway-Toys-Star-Wars-The-Force-Awakens (1)

Source – Gizmodo

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