Chewbacca Slippers Let Out A Wookiee Roar While Walking

Wearing these ThinkGeek-original Chewbacca Slippers always reminds us of what our fathers used to tell us about rubbing a rabbit’s foot for good luck: “It wasn’t so lucky for the rabbit, was it?”

They might let loose with two authentic, different Wookie sounds as we walk when we have them switched on, but they don’t exactly distract from occasionally imagining that we’re traipsing about our homes wearing the severed feet of Han Solo’s best friend and smuggling companion.

Of course, we then wiggle our own toasty tootsies around inside the five comfy toes hidden beneath the fur of these one-size-fits-most slippers and think to ourselves, “You let Han die, Chewie. However, you can’t really judge a Wookie until you’ve walked a mile in his feet.”




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Who knew the Wookiee Pelts were so comfortable

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