Chewbacca Seatbelt Cushions Protect With The Power Of The Force

Car crashes are uniquely terrifying enough for adults to behold. Imagine one through a child’s eyes.

One moment, life is a but a merry cruise down a tree-lined, sun-dappled street. The next instant feels like a year as the world explodes in twisted, crashing steel and broken glass.

Want to top that? Imagine it all as a child who scraped, yelled and successfully fought to refuse the seatbelt because it chafed and itched.

We suggest a new strategy: let the Wookie win.

No toddler’s struggle is worth losing when giving in gambles tragedy in the event of an accident. Leave your child with no doubt that the Force – and just a bit of comfort – is strong with the seatbelt by adding your choice of a furry or fur-free STAR WARS Seatbelt Pad inspired by Chewbacca’s belt. Whichever exterior you choose, these 100%-cotton pads are wonderfully cushioned with a felt back and Velcro closure. The UV-resistant marine vinyl trim ensures that the sun won’t fade its colors, even after days on end in the sun.

Go ahead. See if your kids put up a fight when you tell them Chewbacca’s belt will protect them with the Force itself. See? The Wookie wins. Always.

To be perfectly honest, these aren’t only great for seatbelts. They also happen to be tremendously adaptable as backpack or messenger-bag strap covers.

Luckily, these are available in bulk. Forget the kids – we want some!


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