Chewbacca Messenger Bag Protects Your Goods With Arm-Ripping Strength

The Kessel Run is quite a hop, kid. We have 18 parsecs to go and less than 12 parsecs to get there. Better stock up on the essentials and stow as much as you can in something built to last.

This Chewbacca Messenger Bag seriously “gets it”: not many lifeforms in any galaxy near or far, far away come much tougher than a Wookie with precious cargo to keep close at all times. Stick with a bag honoring a Kashyyk O.G. that will indeed rip your arms off if he senses he’s getting the short end of the lightsaber. That’s the kind of mettle you want looking after any laptop, netbook or tablet up to an 11″ MacBook Air.

Those damn things cost some serious credits, after all. You’ll end up giving your first-born a carbonite bath just to replace it.

The brass-buckled adjustable shoulder strap in the style of Chewie’s traditional bandolier is as proudly Wookie as it gets and the faux-leather brown material is double-tough enough to protect whatever the hidden magnets in the front flap lock down without a scratch. The fabric-lined interior is also gentle as an Ewok’s hind-quarters on any precious cargo, such as fragile screens and personal electronics.

Best of all, since there’s no such thing as a smuggling scoundrel with too many secure cargo ports, the interior compartments include two pouch-divided main sections, pockets for pens and a cellphone or iPod, an 8″ wide x 5″ zippered flat pocket, and a handle drop that adjusts from 20-28″ according to preference.

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Chewbacca Messenger Bag
Chewbacca Messenger Bag
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Rawwwwrrr. I'ts NOT a MAN PURSE!

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