Chewbacca Fur Koozie Distracts Furrie Lovers on a Global Scale

Are you a fan of Cruella De Vil? Must you always have fur at your fingertips? Give those poor Dalmatians a break and focus on those darn Wookiees! We hear their fur is softer than any plain ole’ Dalmatian anyways.

Entertainment Earth is distracting all you fur lovers out there with their Chewbacca koozie that’s premiering in July of this year. Boast of your new collection of Wookiee handbags while you sip from your fur-lined chalice. Girls wear furry boots, so why can’t you have a furry koozie? Feel free to cackle all you want, just don’t choke on those Wookiee hairs!

Whether you’re a ruthless fashionista determined to wipe out the Star Wars Universe of or you just simply need to compliment the fur that’s already on your body, get fur crazy with these fur-lined koozies.

Source – Incredible Things via Entertainment Earth

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