Chewbacca Crocs Fur-Lined Wookie Footwear For A Friday Night On Kashykk

Look, we’re just going to level with you: if you REALLY don’t plan on letting the wookie win, Crocs are not necessarily the pumped-up kicks we recommend for running faster scared than a towering, growling throw-rug that knows his way around a bowcaster can pissed.

On the other hand, if your evening just entails lounging in a Mos Eisley Cantina corner booth singing a few raucous rounds of “Yub Nub” with some your fellow scruffy-looking nerf-herders and strange scoundrels, why not kick back in style?

Face it, when you’re slipping your feet into little fur-lined effigies that suggest treading about with your feet stuffed in Chewbacca’s torso, you are truly one of a kind. These STAR WARS-inspired Crocs come in both adult and kids’ sizes, so there really is no wrong age offend the good denizens of Kashykk.

Yeah, yeah. Crocs are lords of comfortable footwear’s Dark Side. Then again, you only go around once. Wookie-up, younglings, Jedi and Sith alike.Chewbacca Crocs (5)Chewbacca Crocs (3)Chewbacca Crocs (4)Chewbacca Crocs (2)

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  1. See those holes in the Crocs’ which are plugged with the fancy fur lining? THAT is where your dignity NO LONGER LEAKS OUT! Awesome… I do like the ‘dun’ coloured ones shown (because I already wear ones like those for shower trips to the Leader’s showers on scout camps), but a flouro coloured pair (with that fur lining) would make a great set of good “Goin’ Out” gear eh? I hope when they get a bit damp and I dry them by a camp fire, that they don’t start smelling like a ‘wet dog’ though:)

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