Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 Fuel Cell Vehicle Is The Future Of Off-Roading

There are times when technology that is used for military equipment and vehicles eventually finds it’s way into the public domain, and when that happens, you start to see imposing vehicles like the Chevrolet Colorado ZH2.

Made by Chevrolet, and collaborating with US Army engineers and testing facilities, ZH2 is now the most capable off-road, fuel-cell-powered vehicle available for civilians use, with future model planned for military service.

For ‘serious/extreme’ off-road enthusiasts, owning a vehicle like this – this particular vehicle, would be a dream come true, and no road, trail, or open range would stand in its way.

At six and a half feet high, seven feet in width, fitted with 37-inch tires, and sporting an extremely modified suspension system, this ‘thing’ can climb and descend insane terrain.

The final version will have a hybrid power source that will generate electricity for its various electric motors that will allow the ZH2 to run silently, and will reduce it’s overall heat signature, and greatly extend its operating range, which are important features for future use as a military vehicle.

The vehicle is still being developed, but whatever Chevrolet and the Army finally produce will surely affect the automobile industry in a positive way.













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Modified midsize pickup goes into extreme military field testing

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