Chemistry Terrarium Captures Nature’s Magic In A Flask

The science of nature is fascinating, especially when observing it from the eyes of a child, but you don’t have to be a kid to discovering the magic of nature, especially when it’s all around you. Now, thanks to the Chemistry Terrarium, you can now take the magic of nature home with you.

With this moss-filled terrarium – an attractive and sleek glass flask, the fully assembled and beautiful tiny landscape is a real functioning ecosystem that you can proudly display anywhere in your house or office.

The benefits of having such an encased ecosystem becomes obvious when you feel the calming effects generated by bringing your attention to it. The calming effects nature has on humans is well recorded, which makes sense having a little nature in your home or office.

The kit comes with everything needed to create a miniature ecosystem, sand, soil, pebbles, and activated charcoal, and you can add your choice of plants if you like.



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