Chatroulette Space Game Is A “Real Life First Person Shooter” Level 2

Give motivated gamers enough resources, and we can really amuse ourselves with damn near anything.

In this case, Chatroulette actually turned out to be a pretty robust platform for Realm Pictures to develop first a live chat-bassed zombie horror game, and now, an equally immersive and fun space adeventure.

It helps to think of it a first-person shooter tossed into a blender with the role-playing of the pioneering text-based computer game ZORK and just the right hint of DEAD SPACE.

Intrigued yet? Well, should you enjoy the video above recapping strangers taking a main character’s reins to guide him through a spaceship of untold horrors, Realm just happens to be raising funds to put together a larger-scale, longer chat-based adventure game, with the incentive that some donors will have opportunities to not only play the finished game itself, but participate actively in producing it. That campaign is ongoing and awaiting your donations at right now.



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