Char-Broil SmartChef Grill Uses WiFi To Wirelessly Monitor The Grill From Anywhere

Do you enjoy cooking, well, if you do, then you need to get your cooking mittens on this Char-Broil, SmartChef, TRU-Infrared 3-Burner Gas Grill. It is an amazing unit that is ideal for mid-sized cooking and has everything you could possibly need to get the job done – creating amazing food dishes for friends, family, or hungry customers.

But most grills are dumb and boring. Not this guy. This grill comes with Smartchef technology. It has built in sensors that allows you to monitor virtually everything about your grill right from an app on your phone using a WiFi connection. This means you can literally sit back and relax, letting the grill do the cooking while you have fun with your friends, instead of hovering over the smoke monster.  Get real-time alerts and updates on your smart device for things like:

  • Grill temperature
  • Burner status
  • Food is done
  • Grill is cool enough to cover
  • Low gas tank level
  • Time cook
  • Probe temperature cook

Just by looking on your phone, you’ll know exactly how hot your meat is, and how much longer it has to cook. Best yet, you’ll never be without gas this forth of july with a low gas level indicator. How cool is that? All from your mobile device.

With just the touch of a button, the ignition systems starts and this little hot box heats up fast. It use infrared technology to maintain heat at an even temperature, which produces juicer tasting food. Not only does it cook at 24,000 BTUs, but there is a burner that you can also use for side dishes and sauces at 10,000 BTUs

Sleek and modern design, rugged grates, and top ported burners with a stainless steel exterior, you are ready to cook your meals perfectly in your backyard, surround with admiring and hungry friends.

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