Chainmail Can Koozie Sleeve Is Armor For Your Beer

Joan of Arc didn’t drive the English away in her birthday suit. Eddard Stark didn’t represent his noble family name in his tighty whities. You certainly wouldn’t take on an army in your club clothes, would you?Armor has been used in nearly every historical war going as far back as 1400 BCE. Though mankind has made many a style of bullet deflecting or blade-repelling suit, no specific type can easily be called victor.

You may not have need for armor in this day and age, but what about that grand chalice of inebriation you call a beer can? This Chainmail Can Sleeve will protect your standard can or 12-oz bottle from vagrants with linked anodized aluminum.

What better way to proclaim your dominion over the public pool this summer?Chainmail Can Koozie Sleeve (5)Chainmail Can Koozie Sleeve (2)

Chainmail Can Koozie Sleeve (1)Chainmail Can Koozie Sleeve (4)Chainmail Can Koozie Sleeve (3)




Chainmail Can Sleeve
Chainmail Can Sleeve
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