Ceramic Tire Planters Give Foliage Urban Appeal You’ll Never “Tire” Of

Repurposing disused tires as sturdy planters grant those bald Goodyears lasting new life corralling decorative foliage throughout your property. Unfortunately, your upcycled botanical infrastructure comes at the cost of making your yard look like someplace “COPS” productions crews no longer need directions to find.

Instead of littering your lawn with more discarded auto parts, wrangle your roughage with a little help from Yard Goods Ceramic Tire Planters, three-inch-tall practically sized stacks of “tires” that accommodate your succulents, air plants, herbs and the like with a uniquely urban accent. Unlike actual heavier radials you would have to exhaustively lug hither and yon, these diminutive planters don’t prohibit their ideal locations by their cumbersome size. In fact, spaces such as desks, end tables and countertops are no longer uncomfortable places to sling some Firestones for your flora. These matte-finished ceramic assemblages of Pirellis for plants look perfectly at home in any setting.

Tires are for your Toyota, not your tulips.

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