Cause Of Metastasized Cancer Cells Breakthrough Discovery Brings Us Closer Than Ever To A Cure

There are few things that unite people today, sad, but true, it’s cancer. Cancer research is conducted all around the world, and scientists freely share their research and discoveries with each other to better understand, and then to collectively help in fighting this elusive disease. Thankfully, researchers in England, at the Queen Mary University of London, have discovered the reason why cancer is able to metastasis away from the original tumor.

The problem in fighting cancer is that metastasized cancer cells are able to form a whole new tumor, and are able to accomplish this because of two types of proteins working together. When present, certain proteins trigger cancer cells to not only break away from the original tumor, but allows them to stay alive. Basically, these proteins stimulate cancer cells away from the original tumor and allows them to stay alive as they travel to other areas of the body.

That’s the problem, but this new understanding could definitely help provide an answer of how to stop the spread of cancer, to reach the ultimate goal of understanding how to out rightly kill cancer.

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