Catnip Wine Lets Your Feline Join You This Summertime

You’re never drinking alone when you own a cat. No, then you’re drinking with a furry, adorable little nemesis who is either silently judging just how much of the funny-smelling grape juice you drink by yourself or trying to swipe your full glass off the table when he isn’t trying to soak his fresh-from-the-litter-box paws in your port.

Give your most acceptable drinking buddy the fine libation he deserves…if for no other reason, then because he might quit trying to “share” yours. Apollo Peak is the premiere maker of 100% feline-safe wines made for your favorite fuzz-butt to have the time of all nine lives keeping up with you drink-for-drink. Such varieties as Pinot Meow and MosCATo are made and bottled 5,675 feet high in the thin, crisp air of Colorado’s pristine foothills, the finished byproducts of all-natural organically grown beets produced right here in the United States. Most importantly, every sip is absolutely non-alcoholic.

Instead, Apollo Peak has laced these tantalizing wines with strictly fresh organic catnip grown sourced from the American Pacific Northwest. Hey, we never said someone wasn’t getting a good buzz from this stuff.

To top off the glass, it isn’t like this is a tasty beverage made strictly for finicky felines. Not only is the blend absolutely non-toxic to dogs as well, but just in case a curious kiddo should steal a nip, it’s also completely harmless to humans.

Apollo Peak Catnip Cat Wine 9Apollo Peak Catnip Cat Wine 11Apollo Peak Catnip Cat Wine 10Apollo Peak Catnip Cat Wine 1Apollo Peak Catnip Cat Wine 12Apollo Peak Catnip Cat Wine 2Apollo Peak Catnip Cat Wine 5Apollo Peak Catnip Cat Wine 4Apollo Peak Catnip Cat Wine 3Apollo Peak Catnip Cat Wine 8Apollo Peak Catnip Cat Wine 6

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WHY DRINK ALONE? Cat Lovers, rejoice - there's now a wine for your cat.

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