Cat Laptop Scratcher For The Nerdy (Asshole) Cat That Tears Up Everything

Ah, cats. What noble, regal creatures. The ancient Egyptians made the right call revering these sleek felines with godlike respect for their regal grace. They also revolutionized treating fuzzy assholes with respect that a certain rude tabby named Chairman Meow has never reciprocated by NOT stomping on the keyboard and mooning us while writing.

Anyone who has ever been allowed by a feline with no definition of personal space to share living quarters with it has been through this one. To a fuzzy popcorn fart like the aforementioned evil sociopath, the tall, stupid fetcher of food isn’t typing at a keyboard. Nope, that’s just pawing repeatedly at a box that makes noises. If ever there were an excuse for a party

Herein emerges the beauty in Suck UK’s Cattop Scratcher. Your favorite feline playmate can paw away endlessly at a scratchy “keyboard” and gaze in amazement at a screen slotted to swap any printed background you choose in and out. This flat-pack cardboard set even comes with an attachable toy “mouse” to bat about.

It’s perfect customizable distraction to keep your kitty at play so you can work, play and surf for porn in peace. Available bundled with any operating system you can print. Hopefully, this is guaranteed t convince Chairman Meow to leave us alone and maybe settle for plotting the downfall of the laser pointer with his brother in arms, Cat Jong Il.

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