Cat Head Squirrel Feeder Will Drive Your Neighbors Cat Nuts

Brings Nightmarish Existential Horror To Your Feline Friend’s Favorite Window

Have you ever wanted to climb inside the head of a cat? Congratulations. We always suspected it, but the Cat Head Squirrel Feeder proves that a hyperactive tree-climbing rodent that pelts parked cars with nuts will always lead a life just a little bit more charmed than yours. After all, when a squirrel climbs inside this feline noggin, the intrepid little guy comes away with lunch to show for it.

Another bright side? Once more, someone has proven that mankind will never run out of ways to psychologically torment pets. When a squirrel stands up to cop a taste of the morsels inside, it suddenly looks like it developed the seven-inches-tall head of a wide-eyed gray kitty. The next time Mittens looks out the window to keep an eye on his would-be prey scurrying about the yard, he may swear off catnip for life if he happens to catch a bushy-tailed foe with a newly mutated face gazing back.

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