Cat-Fish Fly Fishing Rod Cat Toy Makes Good Sport Of Taunting Your Feline Friends

Internet, it shames us that you have funded only $1,917 of the Cat-Fish’s oddly exact $10,626 Kickstarter goal with 20 days remaining as of Noon MT on Oct. 7. Of all the things you will collectively plunk down money for – from selfie sticks to buying basically the same CALL OF DUTY and MADDEN games brand-new every year – you can’t be arsed to give Sam Walton some coin to mass-produce a fly-fishing rod made to taunt our feline overlords?

You know, when we say it out-loud like that….

Hey, no! No! We are not letting this slide. Walton (no, not the zombie corpse of Walmart’s founder) has designed a miniature rod that not only lets you taunt your cat by “fishing” for a feisty, furry catch, but manages to also provide practice for the most basic motions of fly fishing in general.

After all, you have a total 25 feet of range. Go ahead, tie on a “Fat Rat” fly, turn Fluffy loose, and work on the form of your overarm, side, roll and bow and arrow casts. For a true challenge try a technique impossible with a traditional fly rod: the ever-tricky underarm cast.Cat-Fish Fly Fishing Rod Cat Toy (1)Cat-Fish Fly Fishing Rod Cat Toy (3)Cat-Fish Fly Fishing Rod Cat Toy (4)

Cat-Fish Fly Fishing Cat Toy
Cat-Fish Fly Fishing Cat Toy
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Ultimate Tease Toy for Hours of Taunting Fun

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