Carvana Launches Car Vending Machine Killing Pushy Sales People

Carvana, we only have one question about your first-and-only car vending machine. Actually, we have two.

First, and most obviously, why?

Second, and don’t pretend for a second you haven’t heard this one yet: what exactly happens if I should make the trek to Nashville, TN to make my selection from up to 20 stocked vehicles, insert my special coin to receive my purchase…and the car gets stuck? Unlike when the break room snack machine decides to jealously defend the bags of Funyuns we pay for fair and square, nobody short of the Incredible Hulk is going to kick this beast and get it to give up the wheels.

OK, make that three questions: does anyone ever accidentally receive two vehicles with one purchase?

Yeah, let’s call it four questions: does my car come with a Mountain Dew and Twinkie? Or are those factory extras?

You know something? Let’s just go back to “Why?”

Source – LaughingSquid via CarVana via Phoenix Business Journal

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