Cardboard Cat Playhouses Let Your Kitty Imagine He’s A Pilot, Firefighter & Tank Driver

The good people of Suck UK have your cat pegged. After a while, the simple sublime comfort of a plain old box – any box at all – just won’t quench your kitty’s lust for a cozy, happy home like no other. Fortunately, these Cardboard Cat Playhouses are no ordinary boxes.

Yes, this might mark the one time our office cat Meow-lnir won’t be more infatuated with a gift’s packaging than the trinket we actually shelled out the money to buy him. The furry little fart may not appreciate that he basically now lives inside a little teepee, cabin, tank, airplane, fire engine, or Cadillac, but he adores the ample space and array of included toys and balls he can bat around.

Our pet lives in a teepee. He lives in a teepee with its own built-in playthings. Excuse us. We have lives to re-examine. No matter how many times we ask, we never get toy-filled teepees.

If you happen to own children, then your little terrorizers of fur-babies can have themselves a time while they decorate the sturdy collapsible cardboard and probably make its occupant wonder, “Really? How would you like it if I just wandered around wrecking your shit without provocation? Oh. Wait. That’s my entire Tuesday afternoon. So, that’s how that feels? Wow, I’m an asshole.”

You read that correctly, by the way: since these Cardboard Cat Playhouses need no tape or glue, they fold up and store quickly and conveniently when needed. Just in case your kitty tires of pretending to be a mighty Native American warrior – not that you would probably ever be able to tell if he did – you can always stow the teepee so you can let him make-believe he lives inside a fire engine.

Did we mention we’ve never lived in a fire engine either? Lucky little asshole.

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