Captain Phasma Armor Hoodie Is A “Force” Of Stormtrooper Cosplay Fandom

A hoodie is as good as a coat of armor. Sure, it happens to be lightweight, cozy and a seemingly lifesaving convenience for its namesake hood and roomy pockets, but it’s also often the flag of our fandom, our coat of arms. Fitting, then, that this timely STAR WARS Captain Phasma Armor Hoodie faithfully recreates the batte-worn carapace of the First Order’s most feared and respected officer.

It’s attention-getting enough to don this tribute hood-down to attend the franchise-resurrecting Dec. 18 arrival of STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS in theaters worldwide. Let’s all soak up those respectful acknowledging nerd-nods as our brethren in fandom recognize a fellow devotee. Zip up the hood completely over your face to watch jaws drop – and perhaps a few fellow fans prostrating themselves before your awesomeness – through strategically placed black mesh fabric in the cut-out eye areas of the “helmet” that has suddenly appeared on the outside.

Captain-Phasma-Armor-Hoodie (3)Captain-Phasma-Armor-Hoodie (2)Captain-Phasma-Armor-Hoodie (4)Captain-Phasma-Armor-Hoodie (1)

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