Captain America Barbell Plate Set Gets Geeks Into Avengers Shape

There’s “good-looking” and then there’s going from charming smart-ass of the Fantastic Four to being able to convince anyone you went full-method and actually dosed up on experimental Super Soldier serum to convincingly play Captain America.

That’s the difference between the sharpest physical condition most human beings will ever reach and Chris Evans being ready to take up the mighty shield of the first Avenger.

As a consolation prize, fitness equipment makers Onnit have rolled out the Marvel-branded Hero Elite Series, launching later this summer headlined by these star-spangled Captain America barbell plates. There’s no official price point as yet, but the urethane plates are styled to resemble Cap’s famed vibranium shield in 25, 35, and 45-pound increments.

Hmmmmm. The possibilities. We can’t wait for a Hawkeye Signature Series Bowflex.

Captain America Barbell Plate Set 2

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