Canon MH20F-SH Has Incredible ISO To See In The Dark Better Than You

While we take endless selfies, the actual history of cameras goes further back than you may think. The most primitive versions of the camera were in use as early as 1021 AD. Canon who has developed impressive professional cameras for the novice such as the Rebel,  has been a staple in the camera business since 1937, but lately has been getting some not-so-great feedback for sitting idly or so claim camera enthusiasts.

In an age where nothing is permanent and technology is constantly advancing, Canon has finally released something worthy of some ooo’s and ah’s. They call it the MH20F-SH, and its sensor can reach an astounding 4,000,000 ISO, meaning it sees in the dark better than we can without any fancy night vision tech such as infrared. That’s right…full color 1080p video recording at 24,30 or 60 fps. Though Canon claims this camera to be for industrial use only, we’re sure their high $30,000 price tag won’t intimidate certain individuals.

If you do decide to get this, it would be ideal for nighttime surveillance or wildlife documentaries, according to Canon.
Canon MH20F-SH (3)Canon MH20F-SH (2)

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