Canadian Passports Can Now Be Used To Rave With Like Glow Sticks

If there was one complaint that could be leveled at Canadian passports in the past, it would have to be that they couldn’t be used at raves like glow-sticks.

Well, all that has now been put to rest now that the new passports contain glow in the dark patterns and images including depictions of star-filled skies, Maple leaves and other festive related depictions of their country using optically variable ink. And this will have been a nice surprise for residents seeing as the government kept the plans under wraps. Of course this will make it harder for counterfeits but it will also make them much more fun at raves. Who knows what the primary motivation was…perhaps someone at their head offices was trippin’ on E back in the late 90s.

Source – ChipChick – Imagesource

Passport Covers & Passport Wallets
Passport Covers & Passport Wallets


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