Nissan Rogue Warrior Crossover Brings Mad Max Style To Canada’s Snow

You can’t help but admire an international who looks to its own most recent groundbreaking success as its most important competition to surpass. Case in point? Nissan introduced an all-weather crossover vehicle so impressive, the vaunted Japanese manufacturer could only make a pointed demonstration of its durability and conversion capacity by towing a few cooperative Canadians off a ski slope.

When Nissan debuted the Juke Nismo RSnow and showed off its ability to shred snow by changing out its wheels for a set of tracs. That was just setting the tone, apparently the 2016 Montreal International Auto Show marks the unveiling of the Nissan Rogue Warrior’s all-wheel drive and improved four-track Dominator system provided by Quebec’s Motorsports in Action.

Nissan and Motorsports in Action collaborated to adapt the custom crossover Rogue’s suspension and widen its fenders to afford the 30-inch-high and 48-inch-long components a lofty 23 inches of ground clearance. As the video demonstrates on a snow-covered slope, the stock powertrain remains powerful enough to hit a top speed of 62 MPH and conquer up to a 45-degree grade with no trouble.

Let’s all enjoy the glimpse while it lasts. Incredibly versatile, tough and all around cool as the Rogue is, Nissan has no plans to exhibit the impressive vehicle here in the U.S., unless the U.S. division can make some headway through their solid relationship with the Canadian builders.

Source – AutoBlog

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