Camouflaged Psittacosaurus Is Most Accurate Depiction Of A Dinosaur Ever Created

If you love dinosaurs like most people, then you will be amazed to discover that the most accurate reconstruction of a ‘real’ dinosaur has been created. Basically, it doesn’t look like all the dinosaurs that you see in the movies with lots of big sharp teeth, such as Jurassic Park.

Instead, it has a beak and head that looks very similar to a turtle, and it doesn’t look menacing at all, as scientist say it mainly ate vegetation. However, below the neck, it’s all typical dinosaur, with huge talons and long tail.

The reconstruction of the Psittacosaurus dinosaur is a product of Robert Nicholls, a paleoartist, who painstakingly built the model based on real fossils from China. This dinosaur was commonly found in Asia, as you will discover when you read more about this prehistoric creature.







Source – The Guardian via Science Journal

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