Camera Lens Stool Brings Comfort & Style Into Focus

“Think like a hammer long enough, and everything starts to look like a nail.”

Yeah, we know how that goes. We watch THE AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON, and we imagine filling Iron Man and Ultron’s respective shiny metal domes with snickerdoodles and Oreos. We watch STAR WARS, and we want to pack R2-D2’s body with snacks and frosty beer. We look at an iPhone, and next thing we know, mall security is confiscating our duct tape and dildos before banning us forever from the Apple Store.

Hence, we totally get where the inventive folk of Etsy’s Mónoculo Shop are coming from with the handcrafted Camera Lens Stool. If your inner shutterbug is always on your mind, you might as well rest your bum or aching feet on it too. Yes, it superbly repilcates the finer details of a reflex camera lens with a cushy red top, but the cushion also removes to reveal some mighty handy accessory storage.

The Camera Lens Stool measures 53cm in height and 40cm around and is fashioned from Ayous wood for indoor use. Mónoculo Shop recommendeds a slightly damp soft cloth for cleaning. We strongly recommend not using this handsome, creative piece outdoors.


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