Callaway C7 Corvette’s AeroWagen Will Be Racing With A Shooting Brake

Proud Corvette owners who cherish truly priceless, timeless style might want to sit up and take notice. Revered tuner Callaway Cars, connoisseurs and artistes specializing in Chevrolet’s model icon of sexy, sporty style, has at last opened orders for the C7 Corvette’s long-awaited Shooting Brake conversion.

To the uninitiated, it’s a kit that looks like it should be at home nearly anywhere except adorning the lean lines of a Corvette. That’s because it’s a design modification actually born out of 19th century English practicality. The shooting brake was popularized in Britain by English gentry who prized its roominess storing shotguns during countryside hunting excursions.

Today, the carbon fiber Callaway Cars AeroWagen package lends the lean, mean C7 Corvette a uniquely spacious look that fits its factory hinges seamlessly for easy installation or removal at will.

The unfinished carbon fiber top is priced starting at $15,000 with an additional $1,500 fee for Callaway to custom-paint the kit. The Callaway Cars AeroWagen Shooting Brake Conversion is set to ship sometime in late 2016.

Callaway C7 Corvette's AeroWagen (2)Source – Cool Material

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