Cactus Candles Remedy Your Bittersweet Relationship with The Prickly Plant

Growing plants can sure be tough when you’ve got a black thumb. So you thought going with the most unkillable plant would be a good idea. Man were you wrong. If you’re not spending all your free time taking out needles from your skin then you’re thinking of ways to destroy that evil pain-inflicting plant.

Replace that sinful plant with something that doesn’t sting. If you still admire the cactus plant for its geometric beauty, then take a look at a votive equivalent. These cactus candles look like your favorite varieties of cactus without hurting those lovely hands of yours. Even the ‘soil’ is wax. Each candle burns anywhere from 4-6 hours and is sure to relieve your gardener’s stress.

While this is classified as a gift, why don’t you gift this to yourself and hand over those painful cactus plants to someone who’s been deserving some bittersweet karma?

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Cactus Tea Light Candles
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