Caavo Unified Media Hub Connects All Your TV Devices To Find Any Program With Voice Command

If you enjoy plopping down in front of your TV to watch your favorite shows and movies, then you know how important universal remotes are, especially when switching between multiple services, such as Amazon, HBO, Netflix, iTunes, or any others.

Well, here’s Caavo, the new ‘ultimate’ universal controller, actually, its a smart remote that is powered by software that integrates into devices that you already own, and then it streams the services you have subscribed too.

It is a sleek, classy, wood case that has HDMI ports, USB, and an Ethernet plug, that comes with a simple yet stylish universal remote which has just a few easy-to-use large buttons. But what makes this universal remote special is that you can use voice commands, if you have an Amazon Alexa, or voice controlled speakers like Dot or Echo.

There are a lot more features available, and you’ll learn more about them when you check out the specifications of this his amazing universal controller.


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