Butterfly Wing Scarves Will Make You Believe You Can Fly

Once upon a time, mankind accepted the adage, “If mine were meant to fly, he’d have been born with wings.” Should Mother Nature ever deem airplanes passé and give human beings a makeover that is geared toward independent flight, we can only hope they’ll be a fraction as gorgeous as El Costurero Real designer Alassie’s delicate muslin scarves adorned with gorgeously realistic printed butterfly wings.

The Spanish costume artist has woven things of gossamer beauty for anyone who has ever dreamed of transcending to the beauty of a real-life fairy. These virtually weightless wraps are bound to inspire the jealousy of all and sundry who dread flying coach and long to waft atop the winds. Every piece now available on Etsy is woven to a standard befitting any acclaimed theater, film, opera or television production.

Butterfly Scarves (3)Butterfly Scarves (4)Butterfly Scarves (5)Butterfly Scarves (6)Butterfly Scarves (7)Butterfly Scarves (8)Butterfly Scarves (9)Butterfly Scarves (2)

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