Burrito Blanket Turns Your Baby Into a Burrito

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text bordered=””]Have you ever thought how a baby is a bit like a burrito when you swaddle them? No? Then clearly you need have a baby and get the Burrito Blanket!

This blanket comes from the Etsy shop ‘AwesomeSauceDesigns’ and is designed to look like a burrito, complete with tomatoes and celery. Stick a baby inside and you have a baby burrito.

burrito wrap for baby

Baby burritos are packed with protein but they also sit a little heavily on the stomach…

Instead of eating them though, why not take a photo and upload to Instagram? That way you’re guaranteed to get thousands of likes and comments saying ‘N’awwww’.

Instead of indigestion.

burrito baby

burrito blanket baby

burrito blanket wrap


Source – Etsy


Tortilla Baby Blanket
Tortilla Baby Blanket

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