Burger King Mac ‘N Cheetos Is Blowing Up The Internet …And Our Stomaches

When a fast-food chain co-backed by Warren Buffett and 3G Capital announces macaroni and cheese-stuffed Cheetos, surprisingly, we’re reluctant to argue.

Look, we wouldn’t look past the spectacularly hilarious failure of a burger that accidentally turned human feces green for just any brand. However, the botched localization of Japan’s “KURO (Black) Whopper” aside, Burger King tends to hit more than it misses with menu innovation. If any chain can partner with PepsiCo Inc.’s Frito-Lay snack brand to stuff deep-fried mac ‘n cheese into Cheetos-flavored breading, we’ll trust ourselves to bow down to The King.

It isn’t by accident that Buffett could buy and sell us a few dozen times over, after all. The Wizard of Omaha knows a sound bet when he makes one.

So…Mac ‘n Cheetos. Of course, it isn’t a 100% novel concept. Taco Bell unexpectedly smacked one out of the park in 2012 when they paired up with Frito-Lay to roll out Doritos Locos Tacos, shells flavored with Doritos signature Fiery, Nacho Cheese, and classic Cool Ranch dust with a crunch that indeed hearkens to the Breakfast of MLG Champions. The Doritos Locos Tacos sparked a rally for the then-slumping Yum! Brands chain and soon became permanent menu fixtures, but Burger King has currently only planned for Mac ‘n Cheetos to be around for eight weeks or until supplies deplete, selling in $2.49 five-packs much like the restaurant’s mozzarella sticks.

For our part, we’re already curious to pair this 310-calorie side item with Burger King’s grilled Oscar Meyer hot dogs and chicken fries rings to discover a meal combination that causes the fat in our asses to explosively transform like a panel from “Akira”.

Gotta hand it to you, Burger King: you know that curiosity killed our arteries.

Mac and Cheetos

Source- Bloomberg

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