BullseyeBore Is The Laser HUD Of Your Power Drill’s Future

Question: have you ever looked contemplatively at a power tool and wondered, “How cool would this thing be with an LED heads-up display?”

Really? Not once? So it’s just us? Well, lucky thing we loaned that key to our most secret non-sexy dreams to the right people, because we proudly introduce to you, the BullseyeBore.

Oh, thought we were kidding? This drill attachment casts a single dynamic LED position pattern and two fixed circular measurement patterns onto any surface requiring a hole or two. When the drill tilts out of alignment with its work surface, possibly positioning the bit to bore a crooked hole, the two inside fixed measure patterns keep a consistent, evenly spaced concentric shape while the remaining outer shapes shift to reflect the misalignment and guide your adjustments.

When the single position pattern is perfectly concentric and circular with its fixed measurement patterns, the drill is in its ideal alignment.

The BullseyeBore also reflects the depth to which the bit has penetrated the work surface. The single dynamic position pattern’s circle shrinks as the aligned bit presses inward, its diameter remaining equal to the depth as the bit penetrates.

Meanwhile, the two measurement patterns keep the concentric circles evenly spaced and stationary to provide consistent reference points for tracking the position pattern circle’s size-change.

The version pictured pairs a hex-shank quick-change connector with a small, lightweight, transparent and impact-resistant disc with lasers, optics and batters mounted inside, making it an ideal aftermarket companion to any drill. A separate version builds the BullseyeBore technology into the chuck itself and integrates into any power tool manufacturer’s standard power drill designs seamlessly, or into a simple OEM chuck replacement.

Both can configure to suit a variety of needs by adjusting sizes and varying laser-projection combinations.

bullseyebore drill attachment

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