Bullseye Magnetic Bottle Cap Target Game Increases Your Winning The More You Drink

Permit us a moment to indulge our unapologetic inner Luddites: Bullseye proves that certain simple tastes in entertainment will never fail the test of time. That absolutely includes the classic combination of drinking and throwing things at other things.

This magnetic bottle cap target game from True Fabrications keeps your hopes of winning alive as long as there’s a bottle to open. Every cap you pop is worth one more toss to run up points in this resourceful dart contest. The Bullseye board sits up on a kickstand that allows the fun to travel anywhere frosty beverages are found. It always reminds us of what our founder’s father famously told him on his wedding day: “You’re never a loser until you’re out of beer.”




8 Total Score
The more you drink, the better your chances of winning [or passing out]

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