Bullet Bottle Opener Is Perfect When You Want A Shot

Quick, name two awesome things!

If you said ‘guns’ and ‘beer’, then congratulations – you’re a psychopath!

But the good news is that you’ll be able to benefit from this new bottle opener that comes in the shape of a bullet. Specifically it’s a .50 caliber bullet casing actually. Sure, this one is a little big to likely fit into any actual gun but other than that it’s a pretty realistic recreation.

50 caliber bullet bottle opener

It’s tough to think of a more manly way of opening a beer bottle, but a few things that come close:

  • Actually shooting the cap off with a real gun
  • Biting the cap off… and then swallowing it
  • Punching the cap off
  • Squeezing the bottle so hard that the cap flies off ala Popeye with spinach (warning: may be physically impossible)
  • Blowing gently on the cap and it just flies off like you’re Superman
  • Just staring at the cap until it falls off… pregnant
  • Karate kicking the cap off with your foot on fire
  • Chuck Norris

These are all awesomely manly options but most of us will have to settle with using a bottle opener that looks like a bullet.



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