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Build On Brick Mug Is The Perfect Creative Coffee Solution

It could’ve only been ThinkGeek that could find a useful way to combine two of life’s simplest pleasures: coffee and building things with toy bricks. The Build Build On Brick Mug has stolen our hearts as quickly as we’ve stolen our kids’ toys. Don’t judge us.

The bad news being, ThinkGeek will not send you any bricks. Come on, now. If you’re grown enough for coffee, you’re old enough to find your own – or, as suggested, cop ’em from your kids by divine right of “Because I said so.” It doesn’t come with coffee, either. Again, we’re all confident you can handle that. It is a 12 oz. mug that’s compatible to creatively attach LEGO®, PixelBlocks, Mega Bloks, KRE-O or K’NEX Bricks™ with success.

OK, jokes about thieving our kids’ playthings aside, the Build On Brick Mug can give way to some sweet morning bonding moments with your kids while you down JUST enough java to rethink the merits of selling them to Nike to stitch soccer balls. You wake up while they chow down on some cereal, then let them shriek “Everything is Awesome” while decorating your mug for work together. Yes, little tree-climber. Everything IS awesome.

Be advised, the Build On Brick Mug reacts well to neither the dishwasher nor the microwave.


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Have your coffee and build it, too!

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$24.99 Buy Here
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