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Build-A-Bear Wicket The Ewok Is Cuddly Yub Nub

How in the name of George Lucas did it take this long for a Build-A-Bear Wicket the Ewok to bring balance to the cuddly side of the Force?

When the ewoks were released upon an unprepared world of Star Wars nerds with 1983’s Return Of The Jedi, the divided response made the way Jar Jar Binks would eventually be welcomed 16 years later look downright worshipful.

Children were roundly charmed by the bucktoothed race of spear-wielding teddy bears from the Forest Moon of Endor. In the 33 years since, hardcore Star Wars fans haven’t backed off their resentment for Lucas pandering to lucrative toyetic potential at the expense of gibberish-speaking furry primitives clowning the militarily and technologically superior Empire.

Kids loved the sweet, doofy side. Adults choked on their salt for three decades until Jar Jar showed them that they didn’t know from irritation and hatred. Guess which side made Lucas more money. Here’s a hint: he damn sure didn’t make a Saturday morning animated series and two TV movies to appease the grown folks, so much as he planned to swim around naked in a swimming pool full of money while declaring, “Ewoks forever! Choke on my scruffy yub-nub, fanboys! HA!”

Still, time being what it is, no way we could stay angry at brave little Wicket forever. Kids love him, period. We just don’t have it in us to loathe anything that makes a kid shriek with glee like an overjoyed velociraptor. We’re too tired to fight the love. Truce, Wicket. Peace in our time.

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