Bug Bite Thing Extracts Venom From Insect Bites To Relieve Pain & Itching

Bugs are everywhere, especially near nature you will find them lurking. Unfortunately, bug bites are common, especially mosquito bites when venturing outdoors to go hiking, biking, camping, walking on the beach or an in an open field.

Getting bitten is no fun, but there is something that can be used to relieve the itch and pain from venomous bug bites, and that is the Bug Bite Thing. How it works is simple, it doesn’t use creams, oils or chemical sprays. Instead, it removes the venom left by mosquito bites that cause itching, irritation and pain, and it works effectively on many other bug bites too.

The Bug Bite Thing can extract venom from almost any bug bite, such as bites from wasps, bees, mosquitoes, ants, horse flies and even spiders! Simply place the Bug Bite Thing extractor over the bite, follow the simple instructions and you will get the relief you need.

It’s a handy little ‘bugger’ to have on camping trips, vacations, in a purse or backpack, or just to have around the house along with your first aid kit.

Bug Bite Thing Natural Insect Bite Relief (1)Bug Bite Thing Natural Insect Bite Relief (2)Bug Bite Thing Natural Insect Bite Relief (3)


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