Bug-A-Salt 2.0 Fly Killer is the Ultimate Upgrade to Your Anti-Bug Arsenal

Having a bug in your home or outside is often bad news and sometimes you can find yourself battling with wasps for hours before you can go to bed.

No fun.

But on the plus side, this is about the closest you ever come to Hollywood-style-action in your kitchen. It requires quick reactions, creative thinking and nerves of steel.

So why not embrace this situation and make your battles super awesome? This ‘Bug-A-Sale 2.0’ is the latest weapon in the battle against flies and represents a serious upgrade to its predecessor (the Bug-A-Salt…).

Basically it’s a gun that fires salt, which is a highly environmentally friendly way to kill bugs. More importantly though, it’s also an extremely fun way to kill bugs as you get to test your aim and your quick draw. The gun normally comes in wasp-yellow but now it is also available in camouflage. Yep, camouflage, so that you can hide in the bushes and the flies won’t know you’re coming? That kind of suggests that you are now actively seeking out flies to kill… And that perhaps you don’t have enough to do??


Perhaps just stick with the yellow…



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