Browning Model 1911 Rubber Band Gun Fires 6 Shots Semi-Automaticly

Nearly every child has flung rubber bands in school or at home, at sometime during their childhood. With rubber bands, everything becomes a target. In fact, many kids have even made their own make-shift rubber band guns.

Well, shooting rubber bands is a past-time – fun that never gets old, that’s why companies like Elastic Precision make rubber band guns for kids of all ages, and their parents. Now you can arm yourself with some serious rubber band fun, with a replica of the famous Browning model 1911 handgun.

Made with quality hard maple and walnut wood, this semi-automatic rubber band gun can load up to six bands, and it’s accurate. So you are sure to hit your target, and it comes with 100 rubber bands to get you shooting right out of the box. No plastic pieces so you know its quality.

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