Brookstone Grill Tumbler Rolls Meat & Vegetables For Better Flavor & Even Cooking

Do you like to grill your food? If you do, then you have to try this Brookstone Grill Tumbler, it’s a brilliant idea! It allows you to easily turn the specially designed basket using stylish silicone handles that never get hot.

The grill design keeps the basket at the exact same distance from the coals as it turns, which is the key to guaranteeing that your meats and veggies get cooked evenly, every time. And, with the right amount of surface area, your food gets the ideal char it needs to make a perfect tasty treat.

The grill tumbler boasts a non-stick coating, which makes it a breeze to clean after heavy use. But the best thing about the Brookstone Grill Tumbler is its size, perfect for hitting the road while camping, at tailgate parties, or just for grilling in the back yard by the pool.

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Roll your way to tastier meats and veggies.

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