Brilliant Smart Home Control Replaces Dumb Light Switches To Access All Home Smart Devices

If you currently use a smartphone to adjust your home’s lighting, climate system, audio player, or any other smart device, then you will be more than happy to know about Brilliant – the an all-in-one smart device controller, like Sonos and Nest.

No more fumbling around looking for your mobile phone, then trying to fiddle with an app. This smart controller doesn’t need an app to access and adjust the smart devices in your home, you can even use voice commands to activate and control your lighting, the climate in your home, or to turn on and off the TV.

Not only is this a ‘brilliant’ idea to make home life even easier, but it is a great way to save money too, as you can program lighting to turn off and on when you want, or when it is not needed. Energy saving is effortless, typically 5-18% off lighting costs have been reported by users.

With no app required, use voice commands to control Nest, Sonos, or any other home smart device, and, it even has Amazon Alexa built into it! If there are multiple units within the house you can even use Brilliant as a video intercom.

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