Bridgestone Air Free Concept Bike Tires Never Go Flat

If you’ve ridden bikes when you were young, then you know how fast good times can come to an end when a flat tire happens. It’s no fun at all. In fact, it takes some skill, sweat, and time to fix a flat tire before you can get back on the road. Well, if worrying about getting a flat tire while riding a bike has kept you away from the joy of owning a bicycle, then the Bridgestone air free concept bike will set your mind at ease.

Just imagine, never get a puncture again, never need to inflate your bike’s tires, and never get stranded again without a tire patch kit, an air pump, or the tools needed to fix a flat tire. Those are the benefits that the air free concept bike tires deliver – care free bicycle ownership.

Bridgestone – an iconic tire manufacturer, has created the next-generation of bicycle tires that will make obsolete traditional tires that require inflation. To say that these new airless tires are a game changer is an understatement. Without having to worry about every getting a flat tire again, bicyclists are truly free to ride the open roads like never before.

The only negative thing about the new Bridgestone Air Free Concept tires is that these will not be readily available until 2019.

Source – Bridgestone

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