Breitling B55 Connected Smartwatch Turns the Concept on its Head

Smartwatches are all the rage at the moment and especially after the recent announcements regarding the Apple Watch.

But what do real watch manufacturers have to say about all this? Remember, the top-end Apple Watch will be retailing for $10,000 meaning that it’s very much attempting to muscle in on the ‘high end jewelry‘ part of the market.

Breitling is fighting back. While the Breitling B55 Connected looks very much like a classic watch, it actually partners with mobile phones in order to deliver a range of more impressive features.

This is a somewhat different approach to the smartwatch game but it actually makes a lot of sense. Instead of using an ugly looking phone to get small amounts of information from your watch, you’ll instead be using a beautiful looking timepiece in order to send more detailed information to your phone.

The watch is actually aimed specifically at the aviator market. This way the phone will let you quickly and easily set alarms, change time zones alter the display and access chronograph records.

The watch itself looks pretty stunning and is based on the predecessor – the Caliber B50. This means it’s super accurate and super stunning but now also super smart.

Breitling b55 connected watch Breitling b55 connected watch Breitling b55 connected watch

Breitling b55 connected watch

Source – Gizmag / Via Breitling


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