Brawny Builder Handyman Mug Lets Them Know Who’s The Best Carpenter

Mankind may have equal rights, but not everyone is built equal. Some of us are quick on our feet while some are created with some real muscle behind the mask. Not everyone can fit the stereotype of a Lumberjack, which became a popular theme largely in part to the legend of Paul Bunyan.

This myth has been passed down from generation to generation and is based in Canada. This man of legend was strong and worked just as hard as he drank. You may not have the physical capacity of a lumberjack, but you can sure as hell pretend you do.

Streamline’s Brawny Builder Mug is built for the construction builder, Carpenter or any wannabe that is in dire need of some fortitude. You don’t have the muscle, but maybe some morning coffee will grow some hairs on your chest.

Show ’em who’s got the biggest wood in the morning when you’re drinking your coffee.

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