Braven Fuse Portable Audio Mixer Packs Deep Mixing Tools Into One Tiny Package

The Braven Fuse Wireless Bluetooth Audio Mixer is the perfect portable sound system that custom fuses brand new mashup tracks from multiple fused audio streams. No matter where you are on the go, you’ll never again need to awkwardly cart around cumbersome hardware or complex software to be the party’s supreme DJ.

Point in fact, by pairing your own smartphone with a friend’s, you can each “remix” one another’s tracks whenever and wherever a notion for a sweet beat hits you. If you have, say, two speakers and a smartphone handy with a Bluetooth connection between them, you have a complete studio full of onboard controls to tweak each track’s separate volume, source level equalizers and individual low, mid and high tuners while using the headphone out switch and cross-fader to isolate each source.

It all comes back to convenient portability, however. The Braven Fuse jams all these professional-quality mixing utilities into a single 5-inch-long unit with a seven-hour 1,200 mAh internal rechargeable battery, all compact enough to fit into an included handy carrying pouch. No Bluetooth? No problem. The Fuse’s multiple line-in and line-out jacks can hardwire your mixer to any non-Bluetooth speaker or other audio sources.

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