Braille Rubik’s Cube Has You Seeing This Puzzle in A New Light

Have you ever tried to read Braille with your fingers? Well maybe you should start to make up for lost time, because all this time we’ve been withholding the greatest game of all from our dear friends.

Yes, it’s a travesty that we haven’t invented Braille Rubik’s Cube up until now, but with some apology, a Rubik’s Cube, some glue and 3D printed braille tiles you’ll be well on the road to forgiveness.

Instead of primary colors, you’ll be using braille tiles numbered 1-6 to get all the same numbered tiles on each side. Besides, who needs primary colors when you can have indented tiles?

Braille Rubiks Cube
Braille Rubiks Cube
Braille Rubiks Cube
Source – 3Ders
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